Department of Neurology


  • Clinical Trials
  • Peripheral and central nerve fiber anatomy

    The architecture of the nerve fibers in the human brain describes the spatial structure and connectivity in the central nervous system. The field has been gaining increasing scientific interest over the past few years.

  • Fetal Brain Development and Disease Programming
  • Neurodegenerative Diseases
  • Neuroglia

    The research group analyses cellular and molecular mechanisms of neuroglial interactions under physiological and pathophysiological conditions in the visual system.

  • Neuroimaging

    Main areas of research involve structural and functional imaging.

  • Endogenous Neural Stem Cells

    The role of endogenous neural stem cells for functional improvement and reorganisation following brain damage in adults.

  • Neuropsychology

    The relationship between disease and a reduced power of processing as well as the outcome on cognitive performance is investigated by means of diagnostic tools based on the "Theory of Visual Attention" (Bundesen et al., 2005).

  • Neuroregeneration

    The group primarily investigates the intrinsic cellular regulation of axon regeneration in mature post-lesion CNS. In addition, factors influencing cell proliferation and differentiation as well as axonal polarity during embryonic development are examined.

  • Ageing and Plasticity

    Fundamental research relating to mechanisms influencing brain ageing, stroke development, and subsequent reorganisation processes.

  • Klinische Studien
  • Sektion Neurologische Rehabilitation

    Die Forschergruppe Sektion Neurorehabilitation untersucht die neuronale Plastizität des Gehirns im Alter mit Hilfe funktioneller MRT und Magnetstimulation.

  • Project BRAINAGE
  • AG Neuroinflammation und Synaptopathie

    Kurzbeschreibung der AG: Wir untersuchen den Einfluss autoimmuner, chronisch entzündlicher und genetisch determinierter Prozesse auf die synaptische Transmission im ZNS – von Analysen auf zellulärer Basis bis hin zu Auswirkungen im Tiermodell

  • Biomagnetic Center
  • Hippocampal Plasticity

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Department of Neurology

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